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International Events Management - University of Plymouth

The BSc (Hons) International Events Management degree offers students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become employable and effective Event Managers who can operate worldwide in this exciting industry. Delivered over 3 or 4 years dependent on whether a placement of industrial experience is undertaken this new programme is characterised by a balance of knowledge with analytical and vocational skills. Students are introduced to events in the public, private and voluntary sectors from a range of international perspectives. The relevant skills, knowledge and practical insight will be provided through lectures, a wide range of different and challenging assignments, guest speakers and field trips (both to UK and international event destinations). Throughout the programme students will be expected to demonstrate involvement in and the organisation of events with assessment of their practical performance undertaken in more than one module, practical experience is considered vital and numerous opportunities throughout the year to work on live event projects will be provided. A distinctive feature of this programme is the development and embedding of a series of professional workshops and certified short courses at various stages of learning. The programme is structured so that students can build their knowledge and skills year on year. At Level 4 students are introduced to the international event industry as well as the breadth of career opportunities worldwide. The skills necessary for research, creative thinking and presenting findings professionally both orally and in writing are also established. From a practical event delivery perspective students are managed when working with external clients with tasks allocated and support given by the lecturing team. At Level 5 modules build upon the knowledge gained and students are encouraged to consider ideas and information from a more critical perspective, they are also expected to be able to apply knowledge to different scenarios. The practical skills taught challenges students to plan, deliver and evaluate their performance as event managers, event delivery is supported to a degree but students are also expected to work independently. By the time students commence Level 6 they should be sufficiently prepared to work autonomously with external organisations, they should be able to explore ideas critically, and conduct research competently with high levels of analytical and problem solving skills, only seeking assistance from their lecturers to confirm judgements or gain alternative professional opinions. In preparation for placement and future employment, the department hosts a Career Investment Programme (CIP), which is made up of three non-assessed, timetabled modules. These modules prepare and engage our students for placement and graduate employment by developing their employability skills and providing them with opportunities to undertake extra-curricular activities to help encourage and enhance their continued personal and professional development. Students are offered a real-life work experience via the optional placement year. Students on all of the undergraduate tourism programmes have the option of undertaking a minimum 48 week placement after the successful completion of 120 credits at Level 5. This placement can be undertake within the UK or overseas for either degree. Having gained a set of very desirable transferable skills graduates from our events programme not only gain employment within the diverse events industry but have also progressed to project management, marketing, Human Resources, hospitality, tourism, destination management and roles in the heritage sector.