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Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M13 9PL, United Kingdom

Drama and Film Studies - University of Manchester

By choosing Drama and Film Studies you can take advantage of the opportunities offered on the Drama programme, but focus more specifically on the study of film. You take courses on theatre or film history and contextualisation as well as undertaking individual research presentations in your second year and a dissertation at third-year level. Throughout your course you can choose film options from the variety of studies offered and take courses in video-making. **The course aims to:** - Produce students capable of independently evaluating and engaging creatively and critically with performance and, as appropriate, being capable of developing technical and artistic skills, critical analysis and argument for themselves (DDP Benchmark p.7); - Provide students with a knowledge and understanding and some experience of drama and performance as cultural process and artistic discourse, through the study of theatre and media history, text, dramatic theory and performance practice; - Facilitate and support the development of students' learning skills, critical perception and dramatic imagination; - Provide students with coherent programmes that reflect the diversity of expertise within, and available to, the Drama Department; - Foster independent learning, evaluation and research; to foster a knowledge, understanding and, where appropriate, experience through outreach activities, of the contribution drama can make to the local community; - Equip students with the necessary critical tools and relevant practice to begin to make a worthwhile contributions to contemporary theatre, film, television or related fields. **Special Features** Students may apply to spend one semester studying abroad during the second year of their degree. Drama has existing exchange partnerships with universities in Australia, Canada and the USA with further partners being sought through the Worldwide Exchange Scheme.