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Mechatronics and Robotic Systems with a Year in Industry

Mechatronics and robotic systems is one of the newest branches of engineering applicable to every sector of society. It involves technologies in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering and Computing. Remotely operated vehicles on Mars, programmable washing machines at home and automated robots at manufacturing assembly lines are just some examples of mechatronics and robotic systems. These products are essentially mechanical in nature but could not function without electrical and computer control systems. There are numerous automotive applications; modern high performance cars have more than 100 computers hidden in the engine management system, anti-lock brakes, active suspension control and elsewhere. Engineers with experience in mechatronics and robotic systems are actively sought by industry. For example in the automotive sector, you could be designing active rear spoilers to improve aerodynamic performance or pressuresensitive electronic brake and accelerator pads in place of pedals.

  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) - BEng (Hon)
  • Study mode
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Start date
  • Location
    Main Site,Liverpool
  • Fees & Finances
  • England Year 1 £9,250
  • Northern Ireland Year 1 £9,250
  • Scotland Year 1 £9,250
  • Wales Year 1 £9,250