Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences with Professional Training Year - University of Exeter

Taught jointly by the University of Exeter Medical School and Sport and Health Sciences, this programme blends an understanding of the pathology, prevention and treatment of acute or chronic disease/injury, alongside an insight into the science underpinning the optimal preparation, performance and rehabilitation of the athlete or healing patient. The combination of medical sciences and sport and health sciences enables you to develop a holistic understanding of the human body and exercise and physical activity. The four year version, with Professional Training Year, offers you the opportunity to undertake a relevant work placement with an employer within the health sector or another appropriate sector. The programme responds to a growing public health agenda which seeks to prevent disease and treat targeted disorders through appropriate physical activity, lifestyle-related health behaviours and nutrition. It provides a broad range of career opportunities particularly within medical sciences, rehabilitation, sport science, health and wellbeing sectors. On graduation, you will be well positioned to support the preparation and rehabilitation of athletes, with patients recovering from injury or illness, and to undertake roles aimed at improving lifestyle through increasing levels of sport and exercise in the population at large. You will also be well placed to pursue further postgraduate study in, for example, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Nursing.