Art History & Visual Culture with Employment Experience - University of Exeter

The BA Art History & Visual Culture with Employment Experience / Employment Experience Abroad will give you the essential tools to interpret works of art (including architecture and design) as well as images, objects and practices of the visually dominated world in which we live. Through the flexible structure of the degree, you can study the history and theory of painting, sculpture, print-making and architecture, alongside film, video, performance and digital art. You will learn how to analyse visual images to help understand contemporary and past societies and the ways images explore particular belief systems in a society. For example, you might consider the social status of the artist in Renaissance Italy, the Impressionists’ paintings of modern life, art’s connection to popular culture in post-war America, a ‘society of the spectacle’ in conjunction with the rise of reality TV and social media in everyday life, or the relationship between landscape art and contemporary environmental issues.