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Politics and Media Studies - University of East Anglia

Our Politics and Media Studies degree will equip you with the tools to enable you to understand and research the relationship between the political world and the many forms of contemporary media. You’ll also have the chance to learn the skills needed for a career in journalism, or for running political or social campaigns.   You will develop your knowledge of politics, from the core ideas and theories that inform political thought, through to the institutional arrangements that organise political life. You’ll engage with and debate ideas of justice, equality and freedom. You’ll encounter different approaches to the study of power, and question how and where it operates.    You’ll gain real insight into the fast changing world of political communication. You’ll follow the increasing use of digital media, by both traditional political parties and social movements and activists. You’ll have the chance to study the effect of globalisation on media and the place of media in shaping and expressing political and social identities.   And you’ll constantly be asking yourself the big question: how much power does the media exercise and on whose behalf?   Our course will give you the opportunity to arm yourself with the skills necessary for a career in journalism or to running a political or social campaign. You’ll also be offered the chance to learn a foreign language, or to study abroad for a semester.     **Course Structure** Our Politics and Media Studies degree includes both compulsory and optional elements. The compulsory modules are designed to provide you with key knowledge about your areas of study, together with the academic and practical skills essential to success in your degree. While the optional modules allow you to tailor your degree to your interests.   **Year 1** The course begins with modules that will give you an appreciation of the core ideas in the study of media and politics. You’ll trace the history of social and political thought and examine the practices of government and politics more generally. And you’ll engage with debates about media power and about the multiple forms of political communication.   **Year 2** In your second year, you’ll look closely at the relationship between media and politics and at methods of researching society. You’ll also be able to choose options that allow you to study different aspects of politics and media, including journalism.   **Year 3** In your final year, you’ll specialise even further, focusing in on the areas that fascinate you, and putting into practice the research skills that you will have acquired.    **Disclaimer** Course details are subject to change. You should always confirm the details on the provider's website: **www.uea.ac.uk**