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King's College, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB24 3FX, United Kingdom

Philosophy and Theology and Religion - University of Aberdeen

Philosophy and Theology & Religions at Aberdeen adds to your fascinating exploration of argument and how we apply it to ‘big questions’ of fundamental importance to us as humans, with a deep examination of religion, studying and comparing the major religions across the world, and with special focus on Christian faith in historic and contemporary contexts. You’ll graduate with highly-developed intellectual skills applicable in many roles. Philosophy attempts to answer questions such as: What is knowledge? What is the nature of truth? Why should we act morally? Philosophy is just as much the study of reasoning and argument as it is the application of thought to specific problems. What makes Philosophy at Aberdeen especially attractive is the breadth of courses, the user-friendly materials you’ll use, and the experts who will teach you. In your first year alone you can study topics such as How Should One Live? Controversial Questions, and Experience, Knowledge and Reality. In Theology & Religion you’ll gain a sound understanding of the major religious traditions of the world, including their historical development and contemporary importance, with a special focus on Christian faith, life and doctrine in its historical, institutional and contemporary context. You’ll study biblical languages, the history of the church in the west, the Reformation in Scotland, the role of religion in ethical and political debates, and religious aspects of disability. As a graduate you’ll be highly employable in a wide range of roles including church ministry and administration, media and journalism, public service, business, publishing, and education.