University of Aberdeen

51-75 th
European Teaching Rankings 2018
185 th
World University Rankings 2018
King's College, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB24 3FX, United Kingdom

Philosophy and Physics

Philosophy and Physics at Aberdeen is a great subject combination, taking you on a fascinating exploration of the ‘life, the Universe, and everything…’ , seeking to understand the world around us and how we might answer the Big Questions that humans have wrestled with throughout the ages. You will gain the strong intellectual skills sought by employers in many fields and transferable to a wide range of careers. Philosophy attempts to answer questions such as: What is knowledge? What is the nature of truth? Why should we act morally? Philosophy is just as much the study of reasoning and argument as it is the application of thought to specific problems. What makes Philosophy at Aberdeen especially attractive is the breadth of courses, the user-friendly materials you will use and the experts who will teach you. In your first year alone, you can study topics such as How Should One Live? Controversial Questions, and Experience, Knowledge and Reality. In Physics, you will look at the most fundamental of the sciences and how it explains the world around us and the Universe beyond, challenging our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory. You will explore its relevance to our lives championed and explained by leading scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking and broadcaster and author Professor Brian Cox. Discoveries in physics make possible technological innovations like the transistors and the microchip, computers and lasers, which have changed our lives. You will study the universe, the history and philosophy of science and gain useful skills in mathematics to add value to any career. As a graduate, you will have great skills in thinking logically, critically analysing and solving problems – all skills which are greatly valued by employers and open career options in business and all sectors.