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Tees Valley, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, TS1 3BX, United Kingdom

Visual Effects with Foundation Year - Teesside University

**Summary**: This degree includes an integrated foundation year if you do not have the appropriate subjects and/or grades for entry to year one of the degree. If you want to work in the animated film and TV industries then this course is for you. The course provides a clear focus on the creation of 3D and 2D visual effects and simulation for 3D animation, film and television. **Course details**: You learn skills in 3D modelling, scripting, rigging, animation, and especially in compositing visual effects into animated products. You also gain experience of the wider pre-production and production pipelines in team modules shared with other animation and technical effects disciplines, where you can work as a generalist on design, pre-production, rigging, lighting and shaders, or in more specialist effects animation roles in simulation, and post-production or rendering pipelines. The course contains a strong technical strand, ensuring you are fully literate in the rapidly changing technologies of 2D and 3D effects animation and simulation, in small or large productions for a variety of visual contexts, from the small and often unnoticed to the large and spectacular. You will benefit from being able to collaborate with all the other animation disciplines, from dedicated concept artists to creative 2D and stop-motion productions to students working on technical direction in the VFX area. **After the course**: You are encouraged to think about your future career from the outset. We have a number of events that develop your employability: our ExpoSeries is integral to your course and is an opportunity for you to interact with employers at each level of your course via ExpoTential at the end of the first year, ExpoTalent at the end of the second year and ExpoTees at the end of the third year. Each event is open to the public and has invited industry guests, ensuring that you have the opportunity to showcase your work to peers, the public and potential future placements or employers at regular intervals throughout each level of your studies. The ExpoSeries underlines our commitment to employability by making this integral to your learning journey.