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Physicists seek to answer the big questions: Can the conditions that existed a few billionths of a second after the Big bang be recreated in the lab? How do fundamental constituents of matter such as quarks and leptons interact? How did the Universe begin? And can we understand what space and time are made of? The MPhys degree is designed for students intending to take up careers as professional physicists or aiming for further study in the form of a Ph.D. Students on the MPhys course gain unique insights into cutting edge areas of research, including superconductivity, nanotechnology, superstring theory and antimatter. We have a flexible modular course structure, allowing for transfers between different schemes up until the start of the 3rd year, with the final year of our MPhys programmes involving specialised courses and a full semester working on a cutting edge research project, including the possibility of carrying this out at CERN. Research projects in areas including cold matter, lasers and optics, antimatter, nanoscale technology, all with expert supervision. We are a very friendly and caring Department in a traditional University, and our teaching has been graded as Excellent in recent government assessments. Physics has seen active expansion over recent years, which is supported by investment in staff and teaching facilities. Physics graduates have a wide choice of career options and strong graduate earnings potential, exemplified by the leaving destinations of our recent graduates. All successful applicants who make Swansea their first choice are guaranteed University Accommodation for their first year, and the compact and friendly campus offers a superb seafront location close to the magnificent Gower Penninsula, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  • Qualification
    Master of Physics - MPhys
  • Study mode
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Start date
  • Location
    Singleton Park Campus,Swansea