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Howard Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1WB, United Kingdom

Languages with International Business (French)

Study two languages and develop the business and language skills needed to take advantage of a growing demand for international business graduates with language expertise. You study French with another foreign language. You can choose your additional language from Spanish, German, or Italian. Italian is offered at beginner level only. Your non-language modules studied abroad cover international business topics, such as management in a global context. You study French to post A/AS level, and your secondary language to either post A/AS level, post GCSE or beginner level, depending upon your competence. Studying French and an additional language with international business provides you with the theoretical knowledge, practical understanding and language expertise required to pursue various careers in business or management, with global, international or UK-based multinational organisations. As part of your course, you spend 12 months on placement in an organisation based in a French-speaking country plus a further six months at one of our partner universities in the country of your additional language.