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European Teaching Rankings 2018
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Financial Mathematics

The MSci in Financial Mathematics is a four-year taught programme which combines all the elements of a generalist undergraduate mathematics degree with a number of specialist modules in mathematical finance and related areas. It is ideally suited to students planning a career in the more quantitative areas of finance and banking (eg, quantitative analysis and development, derivatives trading, and risk management). However, it also provides the necessary training to those wishing to undertake academic research in mathematics or financial mathematics. On completion of the programme, you will have gained a solid understanding of all the key areas of pure and applied mathematics, together with more specialist knowledge of financial mathematics, numerical methods and computing. A major component of the fourth year is the project, which is undertaken under close supervision by a member of staff. This allows you to perform a detailed study of an area of mathematical finance that is of particular interest to you, introducing you to some of the latest, cutting-edge research being published in this field. Queen Mary is located close to one of the world’s major financial centres (the City of London), and so is a natural place to study financial mathematics. The School of Mathematical Sciences has research groups specialising in many areas of pure and applied mathematics, as well as in statistics. A number of staff members teaching the programme have commercial experience in banking and finance, and extra-curricular activities include talks by practitioners working in investment banking, as well as workshops in professional development. A number of staff are also actively involved in research in mathematical finance, and the School has a high level of expertise in teaching mathematical finance both at undergraduate and at postgraduate levels. We expect that this new programme will appeal to students with strong mathematical abilities, who wish to pursue a quantitative career in banking and finance, or who wish to undertake academic research in financial mathematics.