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Burton Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 4BU, United Kingdom

Spanish and Italian (4 years) - Nottingham Trent University

Joint Honours degrees give you the maximum flexibility to study subject areas that really interest you. You can shape your study according to your strengths, interests and career ambitions. SPANISH can be studied at beginner or GCSE level where you won't need any prior knowledge of the language. If you'd like to study Spanish at post A-level then you'll need an A-level in Spanish at grade C or above. The course explores a range of interesting aspects of Spanish culture, politics and society and will provide you with an in-depth analysis of these areas, which you'll be able to utilise during your third year, where you can spend time either working or studying abroad. ITALIAN has been designed to ensure that you receive a rapid progress in the Italian language and in-depth knowledge of the societies and cultures in which it is spoken.This joint honours degree allows you to choose a selection of modules that are in line with your strengths, and interest and will also challenge you. Our Modern Languages and Linguistics degrees are ranked Top 20 in the Guardian League Tables 2020. Spanish at NTU has been created to ensure that you gain a quick learning of the language and an in-depth understanding of the societies and cultures in which it's spoken. The course is in the UK's Top 20 for student satisfaction (NSS 2019). You’ll also have an exciting opportunity to either work or study in Spain or South America during your third year to practically apply your learning and gain additional knowledge. This course will help you to gain an impressive communicative skill whilst developing your accuracy and fluency of Spanish. During your third year you may wish to work or study in Spain. Our partner universities are in; Alcalá, Avila, León, Madrid, Salamanca, Murcia, Granada, Valencia, Oviedo, the Basque Country and Santiago ( Chile). Italian at NTU is studied at a beginners level. You'll look at Italian cities, the culture and various forms of translation and interpretation. You may wish to work during your third year or study at one of our partnership universities in Italy. Both languages will be taught using the latest language teaching methods and CALL technologies. You'll also have access to NTU's excellent language resource centres which will aid your understanding of the languages. Languages undergraduates are highly sought after by many of today's leading firms. A degree in Spanish can give your course a competitive edge that will help you to seek more job opportunities both nationally and internationally. Many NTU graduates continue to be recruited by firms located in Spain and Latin America. You'll develop great reading and listening skills which will support you with the fluency of both the Spanish and Italian language. The course focuses heavily on the analysis of written and audio-visual texts, which will encourage you to develop your comprehension, reading and listening expertise. You'll polish your time management, critical reasoning, textual analysis and problem solving skills. Students with a language degree are now actively sought after by employers for today's leading markets such as design and law. Some have found exciting employment opportunities within multinational companies either in Italy or the UK. Other students have delved into careers such as; international lawyers, working in the media industry and within the education sector.

  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons)
  • Study mode
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Start date
  • Location
    Clifton Campus,NottinghamEngland