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All Saints Building, All Saints, Manchester, M15 6BH, United Kingdom

Psychology - Manchester Metropolitan University

As a psychologist, you’ll explore behaviour – the ways our minds work, how we think and interact with the world and why we react in the ways we do. Our course covers all elements of psychological study, from childhood, neuropsychology, and forensic to counselling, psychotherapy, and abnormal psychology. Psychologists explore behaviour using scientific methods such as observation, experiments and statistical analysis. On the course, you might be conducting experiments, placed in a mock courtroom giving evidence on a patient, debating against fellow students on how we motivate people to make healthy eating choices, or watching a role-play in our simulated living area. We support our students to develop their natural curiosity, creating psychology graduates equipped to explore the human experience in an ethical, empathetic and scientific manner. Some of the topics you’ll study include the influence of biology and genetics on behaviour, perception and memory, diagnosing and treating mental illness, and the ethical issues around working with children. You’ll learn core British Psychological Society (BPS) content, including theories from Freud, Piaget, and Kohlberg. Our psychology courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), which has also ranked the Department of Psychology at Manchester Met as outstanding. **Features and Benefits** - **Accredited course** - Our course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). - **Teaching expertise** - You’re taught by a large and diverse teaching team, with specialist lecturers who cover the whole field of psychology. - **Outstanding facilities** - You’ll have access to our specialist facilities for psychology demonstration and practice, which includes an fNIRS imaging research device, 12 experimental testing laboratories and six psychology laboratories. - **Internship opportunities** - You’ll have the opportunity to apply for a paid summer internship to work on a research project. - **Work-based learning** - In year one, you’ll spend time in a work environment, applying your psychology theory to the workplace. - **Study abroad** - You’ll have the option to choose our four year study abroad route, completing your third academic year at one of our partner institutions in Europe, America, or Australia.