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Philosophers seek to answer questions of universal importance, about the nature of reality, our knowledge of the world, and the truth of our existence. On this course you will explore the full richness of philosophy, both past and present. Our courses span the range of philosophical questions and different philosophical traditions, ensuring you are able to achieve a balanced understanding of the subject. If your interests are life, the universe and everything in it, and you want to develop a rich set of life-enhancing skills, the power to influence others and initiate change, then Philosophy is for you. Sociology is an exciting and contemporary discipline which – just like philosophy – investigates the big questions: How does society work? Why are some groups of people (dis)advantaged and denied opportunities? How do people experience their everyday lives? Where do social patterns, structures and common ways of ‘doing things’ come from? What are the dominant belief systems and whose interests do they serve? Sociology and Philosophy work well as a combined degree because both disciplines tackle similar issues and questions, but from different perspectives. Philosophers ask questions and try to understand the truth of our existence, taking notice of what’s going on in the world to get to the reality behind the appearance. Sociology focuses on the role that individuals play in shaping their lives as well as the larger structural forces and organisations which impact on them. It is a critical discipline which questions the status quo and scrutinises every aspect of society, from consumption to work, from the media to politics, from crime to personal relationships; this is what makes it such an incredibly wide-ranging and cutting-edge discipline. * This course is undergoing a review over the next year which may mean a change to the course title and units of study.

  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Arts (Hons)/BA (Hons)
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  • Duration
    3 years
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    Main Site,Manchester