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Modern History - Manchester Metropolitan University

The modern era ushered in crucial developments – changing everything from the balance of power across the globe to relationships within the family unit. Discover how it shapes your life today. Throughout the modern era, politics, society and culture have all seen dramatic change, shifting the terrain of human civilisation. Study this period and you’ll discover how, when and why this all happened – exploring the rise of nationalism, globalisation, international conflict and war, mass migration and multiculturalism, to name a few. It’s an area full of complexity and debate. Even historians can’t agree on the precise meanings of ‘modernity’ and ‘post-modernity’. This course offers the tools and understanding to join these debates, engaging in important and often contentious issues. Along the way, you’ll have the support of our expert staff, helping you build a better understanding of the world we live in. With a wide range of units on offer, you can pursue the areas and topics that interest you most – whether you want to study the grand sweep of history, or focus on the experiences and events of a specific time or place.