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Linguistics with Modern Standard Arabic - Manchester Metropolitan University

Combine an understanding of the science of language with the language skills to communicate effectively in Modern Standard Arabic and you can open a whole world of opportunities. Linguistics: Linguistics is where sound and meaning meet, offering the chance to look at how language is formed, what it means and how it evolves. Language is fascinating – not only in its depth of meaning and its capacity for expression, but in its form, function and development. Just as we use it to influence others, it’s a part of who we are – reflecting us as individuals and as a wider society. Studying Linguistics with us is your opportunity to unravel it all. The programme offers a range of units devoted to the scientific study of natural language, giving you an in-depth understanding of how languages evolve, how they’re structured and what they have in common. You’ll also learn about how languages are acquired and used. While your course begins with the fundamentals of the subject, you’ll have some flexibility to explore and pursue the areas which interest you most. You can also study Linguistics as part of a joint honours with TESOL, or combined with a language or other subject – you’ll find details about both options later in this brochure. Modern Standard Arabic: Arabic is spoken as the first language for over 200 million people; it is the official language of 22 countries (bbc.co.uk). The demand for studying Arabic has recently increased due to increased economic opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. Admissions from Beginners to GCSE only.