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All Saints Building, All Saints, Manchester, M15 6BH, United Kingdom

Economics/Politics - Manchester Metropolitan University

This course allows you to study economic theories and principles combined with a study of modern politics and international relations. Economics Economics is the study of the factors that influence income, wealth and well-being. From this it seeks to inform the design and implementation of economic policy. Its aim is to analyse and understand the allocation, distribution and utilisation of resources and the consequences for economic and social well-being. Economics is concerned with such phenomena in the past and present and how they may evolve in the future. Rather than simply looking at the wealth our Combined Honours Economics courses help you discover insights into the decisions that touch our daily lives. Apart from being a fascinating subject on its own right, recent political and economic developments, at home and abroad, have rendered the area more important than ever. Learning from various schools of thought, including post-crash and alternative perspectives, you will have the chance to pursue your own research and explore your own path in economics. Politics There is 'politics' in almost everything we do. It is the study of power: who gets it, why they seek it, by what means they obtain it and what they use it for. Its principal focus is on power relations among individuals, social groups and nations. You will gain a firm grasp of political and current affairs, understand the news headlines, seeing beyond them to the real issues of politics, and be in a better position to comment upon and understand what the politicians are really saying. This course offers a varied and in-depth account of the nature of politics in the 21st century. The range of options available allows you to study the kind of politics that suits you. These may include issue politics, political thought and theory, area studies and international relations. You will also undertake practical skills training in advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis, to ensure you are fully prepared for the graduate job market.