Leeds College of Art

Blenheim Walk, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9AQ, United Kingdom

Fine Art

The BA (Hons) in Fine Art involves you in a diverse and lively community of creative people; experimenting, challenging, learning and engaging in the business of being an artist in the contemporary world. This studio-based course is structured within our Fine Art studios to enable you to experience a deeper acquisition and performance of skill in your favoured media. Our course still links the traditional approaches in art education, pioneered by the University when it was called Leeds School of Art, with contemporary strategies and thought in art practice using our modern up-to-date techniques and equipment. The course supports the development of your studio practice with an emphasis on craft and skill, whilst enabling you to position yourself and your practice in terms of art history and critical thought, so that you will be equipped with the tools to map and research your own concerns. Frequent opportunities for public facing exhibitions and projects prepare you intellectually, practically and professionally for a wide range of rewarding careers in this exciting and dynamic discipline. We also arrange cultural visits to galleries, exhibitions and events of interest, including visits abroad and excursions within the UK. On joining the course you will embark on an initial period of orientation, induction and familiarisation. You will then work in one of the specialist studio communities where there will be regular critiques, seminars and specific material workshops relating to your particular practice involving students from different levels of the course. There will also be critiques and seminars, which involve students from the different studios in order to support and develop your growing understanding of working within the complexity of 21st century discursive art practices. You will also be a member of a tutor group with students from your own level of the course and will come together to share concerns and ideas relevant across the studio communities. As part of the fine art course you will undertake and explore aspects of art history and critical debate, alongside tailored sessions which address your developing personal and professional practice. Studio practice is linked to the external world at all times. You’ll be encouraged to find and negotiate opportunities to show and perform your work, particularly through exhibitions, events and other public-facing practices. Previous groups of students have created exhibitions and taken part in a range of external arts initiatives as part of their live professional practice. Experienced teams of artists lead each studio, and working in your dedicated studio community, you will engage with a range of strategies to support your development. The teaching in all studios embraces the expansive field of fine art practice to enable both specialisation and cross-disciplinary communities of practice. Housed within a particular studio you will engage with the possibility of working across boundaries and technologies to pursue your individual interests and skills. In all of our studios, in asking ‘What can art do?’ you will encounter approaches in contemporary art practice such as intervention, collaboration, and social engagement. You will explore media and ideas with a diverse approach and be encouraged to embrace appropriate forms of resolution such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, performance, screenings, text or sound works. You will engage with the contemporary currency of these forms of communication in the context of the historic medium specificity. The course will encourage you to test the boundaries and relationships between and across different ideas and media, or develop ideas intensively in a chosen media.

  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons)
  • Study mode
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Start date
  • Location
    Main Site,Leeds
  • Fees & Finances
  • England Year 1 £9,250
  • Scotland Year 1 £9,250
  • Wales Year 1 £9,250
  • Northern Ireland Year 1 £9,250
  • EU Year 1 £9,250
  • International Year 1 £12,500