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Keele, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, United Kingdom

Marketing with Business Foundation Year - Keele University

At Keele University, we’re different. Nestled in 600 acres of countryside in the heart of the UK, we have a big campus but a small and cosmopolitan community. We proudly rank 1st for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey for the last three years. This is because it’s more than green and lovely, it’s a place of research and academic excellence too. You would start this course with the Business Foundation Year. This gives excellent preparation for a wide range of subjects relating to business, management, accounting, finance and economics. The programme consists of a set of modules that has been approved by Keele Management School. Following completion of the Business Foundation Year, you would begin an Marketing (Combined Honours) course. A Combined Honours course means you will study Marketing with one other subject area, allowing you to gain a wider range of expertise by the end of your course. You can choose which subject to combine Marketing with from a range of pre-selected Combined Honours choices. Visit keele.ac.uk/ugcourses/ to see the full list of combinations available. Your combined Marketing programme will encourage you to think independently and to challenge assumptions made about marketing theory and practice. This means you’ll develop a more informed view about the impact of marketing on the economy, and on the interaction between marketing and culture. You’ll explore markets and consumers, their behaviours, and how to understand and communicate with them. We aim to develop your research skills and help you learn how to plan and implement successful marketing strategies. You’ll also develop an understanding of the application of marketing to not-for-profit organisations as well as commerce. There are opportunities to explore branding and digital marketing, which have very rapidly evolving skill requirements. This course will provide you with a wide range of skills to take into business, the public sector or the not-for-profit sector. Many organisations recruit marketing graduates – not just commerce and industry but also the health services, local and central government, political parties, charities, educational institutions and more. From within this wide range of organisations, you might take up a role as a market researcher, media buyer, advertising executive, PR officer, journalist, management consultant, broadcast presenter or events designer.