The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) is a non-profit private liberal-arts-oriented university in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes.

HSUHK aspires to be a leading non-profit private liberal-arts-oriented university in the region, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning and research, and for contributions to advancing our society and the world. HSUHK has five Schools (BusinessCommunicationDecision SciencesHumanities and Social Science, and Translation and Foreign Languages), with around 6,000 full-time students and over 200 full-time academic staff members at present.

HSUHK offers a wide range of 4-year bachelor’s (honours) degree programmes and master’s degree programmes. Many of these programmes are unique and the first of its kind in the region. All programmes were accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and recognised by the Governments of the HKSAR, Mainland China and Taiwan.


The “Liberal + Professional” Education Model

Adopting the unique ‘Liberal + Professional’ education model which incorporates the iGPS ‘desired graduate attributes’ framework, wherein ‘i’ stands for ‘Intellectual Competence’, ‘G’ stands for ‘Generic Skills’, ‘P’ stands for ‘Personal Development’ and ‘S’ stands for ‘Society Engagement’, HSUHK puts quality teaching and students’ all-round development as its highest priorities. HSUHK believes in the transformative power of this educational model, and its effectiveness in facilitating students’ realisation of their full potential.

‘Liberal’ means a broad-based and cross-disciplinary approach to connect knowledge domains, facilitate thinking, and solve problems. The University believes that the purpose of undergraduate education is not solely to help students acquire more knowledge and better job prospects after graduation, but also to cultivate their personal values, interests and transferrable core competencies, thus preparing them to become well-rounded responsible individuals who can meet future work and life challenges with confidence.

‘Professional’ means that although HSUHK’s educational approach is broad-based and cross-disciplinary, in view of the fact that most university graduates in Hong Kong tend to seek full-time jobs right after obtaining their first degree, many of HSUHK’s degree programmes also incorporate professional subject elements, with the aim of equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to enter into particular professions in the future.

As a self-financing institution, the University finds strength in its autonomy, flexibility and responsiveness to meet community and market needs by developing new innovative programmes, many of which are the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

In programme design, there is a good balance of major studies, common core curriculum and free electives; whereas ample development opportunities/activities form an integral part of students’ holistic educational experience. These opportunities/activities include valuable residential, internship, service-learning, leadership, global exchange and independent research experiences, etc. Students actively engage themselves in different learning opportunities so that they would know themselves better, broaden their global horizons, engage in continuous learning, boost their self-confidence, and realise their potential. The aim is to nurture young talents with critical thinking, innovative minds, caring attitudes, moral values and social responsibility.

HSUHK adopts many core liberal arts education elements in its education process. Some distinctive features include:

  • A primary focus on undergraduate education;
  • Platinum award-winning campus facilities with extensive bamboo features;
  • Innovative degree programmes;
  • A cross-disciplinary Common Core Curriculum;
  • A Residential College System combining living with learning;
  • Interactive small-class teaching;
  • Close student-teacher relationships;
  • Teachers’ guidance and mentorship for individual students in and outside classrooms;
  • Extensive outreaching and experiential learning opportunities including service-learning, internships, international exchanges and independent research;
  • Scholarships and bursaries amounting to around HK$20 million per year; and
  • A full-time employment rate of close to 80% within four months of graduation.



    1. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inCorporate Governance and Compliance (BBA-CGC)
    2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inEconomics (BBA-ECON)
    3. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inFinance and Banking (BBA-FB)
    4. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inFinancial Analysis (BBA-FA)
    5. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inGeneral Business (BBA-GB)
    6. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inGlobal Business Management (BBA-GBM)
    7. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inHuman Resource Management (BBA-HRM)
    8. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inManagement (BBA-MGT)
    9. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inMarketing (BBA-MKT)
    10. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inProfessional Accountancy (BBA-PA)
    11. Master ofBusiness Management (MBM)
    12. Master of Science inEntrepreneurial Management (MSC-EM)
    1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) inConvergent Media and Communication Technology (BA-CMCT)
    2. Bachelor ofJournalism and Communication (Honours) (BJC)
    3. Master of Arts inStrategic Communication (MA-SC)
    1. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) inSupply Chain Management (BBA-SCM)
    2. Bachelor ofManagement Science and Information Management (Honours) (BMSIM)
    3. Bachelor of Science (Honours) inActuarial Studies and Insurance (BSC-AIN)
    4. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Computing (BSC-AC)
    5. Bachelor of Science (Honours) inData Science and Business Intelligence (BSC-DSBI)
    6. Executive Master of Science in Insurance (EMSC-INS)
    7. Master of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MSC-DSAI)
    8. Master of Science inGlobal Supply Chain Management (MSC-GSCM)
    1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) inArt and Design (BA-AD)
    2. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) inChinese (BA-CHI)
    3. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) inCultural and Creative Industries (BA-CCI)
    4. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) inEnglish (BA-ENG)
    5. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology (BA-PSY)
    6. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) inAsian Studies (BSS-AS)
    7. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BSS-PPE)
    8. Master of Arts in Chinese (MA-CHI)
    9. Master of Arts in English Language Teaching and Assessment (MA-ELTA)
    10. Master of Arts in Global English Literary and Cultural Studies (MA-GELCS)
    11. Master of Arts in Theatre Studies (MA-TS)
    1. Bachelor ofTranslation with Business (Honours) (BTB)
    2. Master of Arts inTranslation (Business and Legal) (MA-TBL)
    3. Master of Arts inTranslation (Computer-Aided Translation) (MA-TCAT)


Principal Recommended Admission Scheme


The Principal Recommended Admission Scheme (“the Scheme”) aims at giving due recognition to students who have made distinguished achievements in academic and/or non-academic areas such as sports, music, etc., contributed to community services, or demonstrated leadership abilities. Admission quotas have been reserved for eligible nominees and conditional offers will be given before the release of HKDSE examination results.

To stimulate students with extraordinarily, distinguished performance in academic and/or non-academic areas to study at HSUHK, firm offers, regardless of their HKDSE examination results, will be issued via the Scheme alongside conditional offers.



Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to be considered under the Scheme:

  • Local Student* / residents with right of abode in Hong Kong; and
  • Applicant of HSUHK undergraduate programmes; and
  • School applicants attending the HKDSE examination; and
  • Outstanding academic achievements; and/or
  • Distinguished achievements in non-academic areas, e.g. sports, music, arts, etc.; or
  • Outstanding leadership qualities, e.g. Head Prefects, Presidents of Students’ Unions; or
  • Participation in community services

*Please click here for the definitions of local and non-local students. 


Submission of Application

  1. All recommendations should be submitted via SCHOOL no later than 17 March 2023 (Friday). Late submission / amendment will not be considered. School applicants who wish to be nominated under the Scheme should approach their school principals or career masters for recommendation.
  2. Required documents for submission include:
    – Completed School Application Form signed by the principal; and
    – Each Student Personal Profile and ALL copies of certification/awards
  • Each secondary school can nominate 5 students at maximum, including 1 student to be recommended for firm offer.
  • Schools please mail# the whole set of submission documents to:


Registry, 1/F, N Building, Yuen Campus, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, Hong Kong

Re: “Principal Recommended Admission Scheme”

#Giving the COVID-19 pandemic, secondary schools can submit the whole set of application forms to us by email during the class suspension.


Important Notes

  • If the school would like to recommend students for admission to programmes under Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP), i.e. BBA-SCM, BSC-AIN, BSC-AC, BSC-DSBI, BMSIM and BA-AD, please follow the School Principal’s Nominations (SPN) in the JUPAS instead of Principal Recommended Admission Scheme.
  • Student nominees must first submit application via the HSUHK Undergraduate Application System or Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes (E-APP) and complete all the application procedures (including uploading the HKID Card / valid travel document, school report(s) for the recent two academic years to UAS and settling the application fees) before joining the Scheme.


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