Since our launch in 2018, Arden University Berlin has been providing career-focused degree courses to talented and ambitious students from all over the world - right in the heart of Berlin. We offer a wide range of British undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in industry-relevant areas such as business, marketing, healthcare, project management, and more. All of our courses are committed to giving you an education that’s at the cutting edge of your field, allowing you to achieve your career ambitions and beyond.


With successful student outcomes and future employability being at the core of everything we do, we deliver the highest quality education from our modern campus in Berlin’s International Business District. The campus is fully equipped with all the essential services needed to provide the best learning experience for our students.


Continuing the vision of Arden University in the UK, our mission at Arden University Berlin is to help our students maximise their potential in a welcoming and student-centric university that provides the groundwork for both personal and professional development.


Studying here: 

With over two decades of experience developing groundbreaking education technology, Arden University has made it possible for students to study a degree course that develops alongside the changing needs of employers.

Unlike more traditional universities, we only develop courses that our employment data research confirms will provide students with future-proof skills for today’s rapidly evolving employment landscape. This modular approach to curriculum design means our course content is regularly updated by academic staff who are professionally active in the fields they teach, providing full academic and professional support to our students from day one.

Blended learning with Arden Berlin is essentially the best of both worlds: a flexible mix of online learning combined with face-to-face teaching in our study centre. This is the ideal choice for students who want an element of traditional lectures but need the flexibility of learning online wherever and whenever best suits you and your busy, modern life.


Here are just a few reasons why Berlin offers great future prospects for overseas students 


  • Berlin is the best student city in the world, according to a ranking by TheClassOf2020.
  • Affordable rents and growth in investment attract entrepreneurial business graduates from across the globe to live, work, and study in Berlin.
  • While studying with Arden in Berlin students are able to work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. Find out more here
  • University graduates can apply for an 18-month post-study residence permit to explore job opportunities in Germany. 
  • Germany has the 2nd best employment rate in the EU for graduates, at 96.6% (Times Higher Education 2019) and the 3rd best graduate starting salary in Europe at €47,500 ( 


Student Support: 

Arden Berlin is committed to ensuring all of our students have the support, guidance, and information they need to progress through their studies with the utmost confidence.

Our dedicated student support team is readily available to assist with any queries students may have about their studies, including administrative matters such as assignment submissions, visa-related issues, signing up for our free German language courses, and much more. 

At the start of your course, your student support coordinator will help familiarise you with all of Arden’s processes and procedures, and will guide you as you work through your induction module, which tells you everything you need to know about studying with Arden. After you’ve completed this, your coordinator will remain in regular contact to support you at every stage of your degree, as well as email you reminders about upcoming course deadlines.