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Sociology - Anglia Ruskin University ARU

Look beneath the surface of everyday life. Discover the complexity of modern societies and how they have developed, while gaining critical and analytical skills that will impress your future employers. This course lets you look beneath the surface of the everyday life most people take for granted. By studying the work of classical sociologists, such as Weber and Marx, as well as contemporary issues like the risk society and the ‘spectre of individualism’, you’ll gain an understanding of why people live, work and interact in the ways that they do. You’ll also look at the complex social lives created by our increasingly global daily communications, and learn how these lives have come about and what they might mean for the future. As well as the fundamentals of sociology, our modules will give you the chance to explore your own areas of interest, such as the media, crime, social control, sport or nature and society. With opportunities to conduct your own community or workplace research, you’ll also gain valuable practical experience, as well as insights into different sociological methods and approaches to social issues.