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East Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

Philosophy and English Literature - Anglia Ruskin University ARU

Develop your critical and analytical skills, and learn to apply them to literary and philosophical issues. Build your appreciation of both disciplines while gaining invaluable skills for many different careers. his course will allow you to combine your interests in philosophy and English literature, developing your understanding and enjoyment of both. Our English Literature modules allow you to balance your study of traditional writers like Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Dickens and Woolf, with an exploration of genres such as modern science fiction, children's literature and contemporary women's writing. Your choice will grow from an introduction of English literary history in Year 1, to modules on related subjects like film, drama or writing (creative or journalistic) in Years 2 and 3, all supported by our highly-experienced teaching staff. Meanwhile, our philosophy modules will introduce you to the really big puzzles that have fascinated humanity for centuries. You’ll consider questions like ‘Who are we?’, ‘What can we know?’ and ‘What should we do to lead worthwhile lives?’, and learn how past thinkers have attempted to answer them. With a focus on European philosophy, you’ll discuss and debate issues around art, literature and politics, and develop your thinking to become more rigorous, systematic and creative. In both subjects you’ll develop sound critical, analytical and interpretative skills of immediate relevance to today’s society.