XJTLU Research Institutes and Centres

Research Institutes

Research at XJTLU addresses pressing issues currently facing humanity through research in academic departments and key laboratories, complemented by interdisciplinary and applied work through our research institutes.

Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI): Director Professor Eng Gee Lim 

AIRI was established on the basis of three key Suzhou labs:

1) Cognitive computing and application technology;

2) New Energy Technology; and

3) Virtual Reality technology.

Over the next three years, AIRI aims to attract a global AI elite and create an open and innovative platform based on future industrial needs. The institute also aims to foster international leading enterprises and become the fastest growing AI technology R & D service provider.

Research Institute of Quantitative Finance (RIQF): Director Ahmet Concu

RIQF focuses on high quality research and opportunities for industry collaboration for the purposes of offering solutions to contemporary problems in financial markets.

Sustainable Materials and Environment Research Institute: Director Professor Chee Seong Chin

This Institute is dedicated to facilitating interdisciplinary research that focuses on interactions and collaborations in the key aspects of sustainable building and construction materials.

Research Institute for Big Data Analytics (RIBDA): Professor Steven Guan

Founded in 2015, RIBDAs main areas of research are focused on data analytics and mining, artificial intelligence and application, risk management and forecasting, market analysis and decision making.

Operations and Supply Chains Institute: Hossam Ismail

Focuses on developing and testing innovative approaches that can be implemented in companies that not only meet modern challenges of supply chain management, but also optimizes operations for a competitive edge.

Future Cities: Joon Sik Kim

In support of China’s strategic campaign for the next three decades, the institute is looking into interdisciplinary research on new urbanisation development. This work includes providing advisory services for government departments and enterprises that are related to urbanization construction and sustainable development, and also facilitating the application of scientific research in local development while also promoting the industrialization of this research.

Enterprise Institutes

International Innovation Hub: Tony Koo

The XJTLU Innovation Hub’s main aim is to foster, drive and facilitate innovation across the University and engage in partnerships with industry, organisation and government bodies in SIP, Suzhou and South Jiangsu.

International Technology Transfer Centre: Director Tony Koo

The primary aim of the International Technology Transfer Centre (ITTC) at XJTLU is to make intellectual property available to industry and others for public benefit. This will be achieved by:

  • showcasing technology developed by XJTLU and by selected international partners;
  • serving to bring together innovators with high-value commercialisable technology and appropriate funders (venture capital companies, government agencies or other funding bodies);
  • conducting research to discover ways of streamlining and accelerating technology transfer and knowledge exchange, providing expertise and training in innovation and technology transfer to key stakeholders.

XiPu Institution (Think Tank): Professor Zhiyue Bo

The XiPu Institution started operations in late March, 2018. It publishes Policy Reports and provides advice to local governments.