Research at XJTLU

Research at XJTLU

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) has a high-standard for international teaching and research, with advanced research facilities open to our staff and students, both of which come from all over the world and provide global insights. XJTLU’s research resources span beyond our campus to Xi’an Jiatong University and Liverpool University, extend to both countries (i.e. China and the United Kingdom), and cover a range of fields: talent cultivation, scientific research and technology transfer. XJTLU believes in the value of research beyond institutial walls, establishing strategic alliances with enterprises and the community, and actively provides technical services to promote economic and social development.

Scientific Research 
To build a top research-led international university, XJTLU roots itself in the development of scientific research. Since establishment, XJTLU has successfully 

  • obtained 257 research projects, including projects funded by the nation, province and municipal departments,
  • received approximately 68 million RMB in government funding,
  • been granted 66 patents,
  • established 4 Suzhou key laboratories and 1 key platform: Suzhou Key Laboratory of New Energy Technology, Suzhou Key Laboratory of Cognitive Computing Application Technology and Artificial Intelligence University Research Center. 

Since its inception, XJTLU has been fully aware of the importance of talent and resource integration, actively recruiting high-level research talents from all over the world. The bridge of Sino-British research cooperation built by XJTLU provides a channel for foreign high-level research talents to enter into China, which demonstrates and shares the University’s research potential abilities with the whole world. With a premium on research development, the university actively aims to support staff in their projects, establishing funding, awards, and means of acknowledging achievements and innovation in scientific research. 

Social Services

In recent years, XJTLU has fully utilized the advantages of scientific research and has made great efforts to innovate the operation mode of social services and to achieve social benefits. XJTLU is cultivating an international open ecological innovation system. The upcoming XIPU Industrial Alliance includes XIPU Institution, International Innovation Hub, International Technology Transfer Center, XIPU Open R&D Platform Cluster and Offshore Innovation Center. The International Technology Transfer Center provides professional services for international technology transfer, while the International Innovation Hub provides support for technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University treasures the value of -fundamental research and applied research and gives full support to both. Many research projects and achievements carried out in XJTLU have potential for commercialization. The University works closely with sponsors, partners, licensees, investors, etc. to explore the results of scientific research that can be beneficial to public interests through cooperation research, student scholarships, technology licensing, companies and other forms of cooperation mechanisms. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of university and partners, the benefits brought by the innovative ideas generated in the development of scientific research will surpass the university level and bring positive influence to the national and local economy, society and culture, policy, and the environment.

Research and Enterprise at XJTLU

XJTLU aims to become a research-led international university in China and a Chinese university recognized internationally for its unique features in learning and teaching, research, service to the wider society, and education management. 

Its research strategy is concerned with increasing research output and impact. To this end, all staff are provided with basic research support, while a limited number of large-scale projects, mainly in science and technology, are resourced and organized through research institutes and centres. In addition, XJTLU is currently establishing a small number of key University Research Centres designed to compete internationally.

Through its enterprise activities, XJTLU engages with both local government and the wider community. The XiPu Institution works closely with both SIP and Suzhou Governments to promote XJTLU’s city and city region to the world. Its International Innovation Hub and International Technology Transfer Centre cooperate with parts of the university to assist the development of local businesses.

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Research Institutes, Centers

  1. Artificial Intelligence University Research Centre (AI-URC)

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University has strength and accumulated knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It adheres to the research principles of firm foundations, innovative technologies, and solid applications. Many of its research and development technologies are at a leading level both domestically and internationally. 

The main research field of the AI-URC focuses on developing AI algorithms, models and applications, including cognitive computing, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent recognition and other core technologies (Technology Level); as well as promoting AI technology combined with the required embedded integrated circuits used for AI technology and virtual technology in typical applications (Application Level) such as in the information industry, health care, and intelligent manufacturing.

The Centre aims to meet the future demands of industry, seek global AI elites, build an open source innovation platform, foster international leading enterprises, and strive to become the fastest growing artificial intelligence technology research and development service provider.

2.     Operations and Supply Chain Excellence Research Institute  (OSCE)

Focuses on developing and testing innovative approaches that can be implemented in companies that not only meet modern challenges of supply chain management, but also optimizes operations for a competitive edge. 

3.     Research Institute of Big Data Analytics

Founded in 2015, RIBDAs main areas of research are focused on data analytics and mining, artificial intelligence and application, risk management and forecasting, market analysis and decision making. 

4.    Research Institute of Quantitative Finance

RIQF focuses on high quality research and opportunities for industry collaboration for the purposes of offering solutions to contemporary problems in financial markets. 

5.   Research Institute for Sustainable Materials and Environment

This Institute is dedicated to facilitating interdisciplinary research that focuses on interactions and collaborations in the key aspects of sustainable building and construction materials. 

6.    Research Institute for Future Cities

In support of China’s strategic campaign for the next three decades, the institute is looking into interdisciplinary research on new urbanisation development. This work includes providing advisory services for government departments and enterprises that are related to urbanization construction and sustainable development, and also facilitating the application of scientific research in local development while also promoting the industrialization of this research. 

7. International Innovation Hub

The XJTLU Innovation Hub’s main aim is to foster, drive and facilitate innovation across the University and engage in partnerships with industry, organisation and government bodies in SIP, Suzhou and South Jiangsu. 

8.     International Technology Transfer Centre

The primary aim of the International Technology Transfer Centre (ITTC) at XJTLU is to make intellectual property available to industry and others for public benefit. This will be achieved by:

  • showcasing technology developed by XJTLU and by selected international partners; 
  • serving to bring together innovators with high-value commercialisable technology and appropriate funders (venture capital companies, government agencies or other funding bodies);
  • conducting research to discover ways of streamlining and accelerating technology transfer and knowledge exchange, providing expertise and training in innovation and technology transfer to key stakeholders. 

9.     The XIPU Institution

The XiPu Institution started operations in March, 2018. It publishes Policy reports and provides advice to local governments. 

10. Urban & Environmental Studies University Research Centre (UES-URC)

UES aims to become an internationally significant research centre investigating development and urbanization at the local level in China by focusing on environmental, economic, social, demographic and health changes. Integrating the interdisciplinary and international research capacity and scientific platform at XJTLU, and studying Chinese experience of urban development and changes, UES explores paradigms for intelligent, sustainable and high-quality development. It works closely with the public sector by consolidating support for research and overarching scientific benefits for society.

11. HeXie Management Research Centre (HXMRC).

HeXie Management Research Centre (HXMRC), founded on January 6th 2019, is a comprehensive research centre that offers multidisciplinary insights for the academy, teaching and training in management, education, and sociology, aiming to contribute to the better development of human society. HXMRC is committed to inspiring, nurturing imagination and creativity, spurring leading and original innovation, making pioneering contributions to management theory and the new era development of China, through integrating eastern and western wisdom, combining history and future, bridging the gap between theory and practice.