Wenzhou Business College is the only undergraduate business-oriented institution in the tri-state area.

Introduction to Wenzhou Business College

Wenzhou Business College is the only undergraduate business-oriented institution in the tri-state area.

It is located in Wenzhou, the birthplace of the Yongjia School of Thought and a pioneer in China's private economy. The college traces its origins back to 1999 when it was founded as the School of Information Science and Engineering and the School of Economics at Wenzhou University. In 2005, these schools merged to form an independent institution, Wenzhou University City College. The renowned mathematician and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gu Chaohao, personally inscribed the school's name, while the distinguished astrophysicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Yisun, served as honorary dean.

The College is dedicated to international cooperation, expanding channels for overseas education.Over 2,000 students have pursued further education at world-renowned institutions. Among them, nearly a thousand students have been admitted to the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings, including the University College London in the UK and the University of Sydney in Australia.

In 2016, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the college became the first full-time nonprofit private undergraduate university successfully transformed from an independent college in Zhejiang Province. It was renamed Wenzhou Business College. Professor Li Yang - a member of the Academic Division of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, and former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences - assumed the role of president. The college was approved to be included in the list of newly added institutions in Zhejiang Province for granting Master's degrees. It has also been honored with titles such as Advanced Collective in Promoting High-Quality Development in Wenzhou and AAAA Safe Campus in Zhejiang.

The school takes it as its mission to inherit and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people, who are known for being pioneers and particularly adept at starting businesses. It carries forward the Yong-Jia School of Thought, which emphasizes practicality for the society. Upholding the spirit of the school motto, "Forge ahead with determination, keep pace with the times," and practicing the educational concept of "Growing to be a good person, becoming capable to do good things," the school is rooted in Wenzhou, oriented towards Zhejiang, and radiates across the entire nation. It strives to cultivate highly cos to Chivate high, qualified talents with an international perspective and a modern entrepreneurial spirit. The school has forged a distinctive path as a high-level applied institution with Wenzhou characteristics.
With economics and management as its backbone, the school promotes the coordinated development of multiple disciplines including literature, art, and engineering. It has over 19,000 students. The school adheres to serving the local community, closely aligning with the economic and social development needs of Wenzhou. It has established research institutions such as the National Finance and Development Laboratory Wenzhou Research Base, Wenzhou Institute for Health Studies, and Wenzhou Research Center for the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2019, it ranked first in the National Comprehensive Research Competition Index for Independent College Transformation into Universities.

The school comprehensively implements the nation's education policy, diligently carries out the fundamental task of fostering virtue and talent, and strives to build a brand as the University with the Best Student Services. It provides education tailored to individual differences and personal aspirations, offering categorized training and stratified teaching. This ensures that students have opportunities for further education, possess livelihood skills, so everyone can succeed.

Rooted in the fertile soil of entrepreneurial endeavors in Wenzhou, the school consistently adheres to the distinctive feature of entrepreneurial education. It took the lead in establishing the Entrepreneurship Decision-Making Simulation Laboratory, known as the "Wenzhou Business Dream Factory," and introduced practical training courses in entrepreneurial management. The school also offers undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship management. By creating a real business environment and a platform for entrepreneurial practice, teaching and practical application are integrated, cultivating students' entrepreneurial awareness and capabilities. It has been praised by media such as China Education Television as a model for entrepreneurial education in universities.

The school adheres to the "strengthening the school with talent" strategy and boasts a high-level academic staff with a good structure, excellent qualifications, and a combination of full-time and part-time members. At present, the entire school's faculty and students are working diligently and with great determination, contributing to the creation of a Demonstration Area for common prosperity in Wenzhou. They are striving to establish a benchmark for private universities with Chinese characteristics and to further contribute to Zhejiang's efforts in building an Important Window and Demonstration Area for common prosperity.





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