INVITE: How to apply

Application submission

The call for candidatures is open from 15 January 2018* to 16 April 2018*.

Applications must be submitted electronically by 16 April 2018 at 2 pm (Central Europe Time)* through a specific platform.

The following documents must be provided: 

  • application form; 
  • detailed CV; 
  • copy of any Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree certificate; 
  • Diploma Supplement (if available);
  • motivation and presentation letter; 
  • short proposal for a research project within the advertised research areas; 
  • two reference letters issued by academic professors at the university where the applicant obtained their Master’s Degree. 

All documents must be submitted in English, and an English translation of any certificate and other official document must be provided.

If the prerequisites listed above are not fulfilled, the candidate may be excluded from the selection procedure at any time, even after examination sessions.

* We reserve the right to change the dates in case of unexpected events. 

Evaluation process

The PhD admission process will rate the candidates against pre-established criteria that will gauge their preparatory skills and aptitude for scientific research. The complete selection procedure will include the following steps: 

STEP 1. Admissibility and eligibility check 

Candidates will be checked against the admissibility and eligibility criteria (deadline, submission systems, mobility rule, and correspondence to the definition of “early-stage researcher”). In cases of evident clerical error, the PhD Office may ask the candidate to provide missing information or supporting documents. If the missing information or document would substantially change the candidature, it will not be taken into account.

STEP 2. Evaluation 

2a) Preliminary selection: According to the application form, candidates will be assessed on the basis of an evaluation grid. The members of the Evaluation Commissions will draft an Evaluation Report for each application and will meet to assign a final score to each candidate. During this phase, the candidates’ proposals for PhD research projects will also be evaluated and assigned a score. Candidates passing this quality threshold will be invited for interviews.

2b) Interview: The interview (about 30-45 minutes) will determine in detail the quality of the candidate, his/her planned PhD research project and his/her motivation. All interviews will be conducted by videoconference.

STEP 3. Award decision 

Following the evaluation process, if two or more candidates applying for the same PhD position have the same score, the candidate belonging to the less-represented gender (in first instance) or the youngest (in second instance) will be chosen. All candidates will be informed about the outcome of the selection process with an Evaluation Summary Report.