Graduate School of Legal and Economic Studies

Economics and Management

This PhD course, with a single curriculum, offers advanced training in several areas of both main disciplines. After the first year in which students take advanced core (micro, macro, econometrics, mathematics, game theory) and optional courses, in the following two years they pursue their individual research under the supervision of one member of the two Departments that established the PhD. 
Areas of strength are game theory, social choice, finance, development economics, public finance and political economy, program evaluation, corporate governance, logistics, organization theory, experimental economics.

European and International Legal Sciences

This PhD course,  with a single curriculum, offers advanced training programmes with strong roots in comparative law and the study of classics. The dialogue between the different disciplines offers doctoral candidates the appropriate methodological tools to deal with the evolution of the source system in contemporary reality.

Particular attention is paid to the complex crisis phenomenon – both economic and demographic – which affects every field of the law. Due to its wide scientific relevance and its international, European and local consequences (in terms of governance and impact on the protection of human rights), the theme of migrations will be also object of an in-depth analysis. Another field of research concerns new technologies which require innovative methodologies and/ or other innovative regulation techniques.