UM Macao Talent Programme

The University of Macau (UM) has launched the UM Macao Talent Programme, in order to train more high-calibre professionals, and promote the sustainable development of postgraduate education.

  • UM Macao PhD Scholarship
    Quality postgraduate education is key to achieving the goal of developing UM into an internationally recognised institution of excellence. The UM Macao PhD Scholarship aims to encourage the best students to pursue PhD studies at UM.
  • UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship and Associateship
    The UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship and the UM Postdoctoral Associateship hope to attract postdoctoral researchers to conduct research at UM. These programmes will help to enhance the quality of postgraduate education at UM, the international competitiveness of its postgraduate students, as well as its degree of internationalisation.
  • UM Research Assistant Professor
    To support the nation’s master plan for scientific and technological innovation, further deepen the building of the international centre of science and innovation in the GBA, and to promote industrial development in the Guangdong-Macao intensive cooperation zone in Hengqin, UM has launched the Research Assistant Professor program. High-calibre talents will be recruited to undertake research projects to serve the needs of the country and bring out the strengths of the University, thus providing important impetus for technological innovation in the GBA. This will vigorously promote the industry-university-research collaboration and the development of new industries to diversify the economy of Macao. It will also enhance the University’s postgraduate education, and facilitate the formation of a talent training hub on the west bank of the GBA. These young and knowledgeable professionals will become an important source and talent pool for the faculty team development in UM.
  • UM Macao Fellow
    The UM Macao Fellow programme offers a three-year contract to successful applicants. The programme aims to nurture young scholars from Macao and encourage qualified local talent to pursue career development in Macao. Only permanent residents of Macao are eligible to apply for the programme. Besides engaging in research at UM, successful applicants will have the opportunity to work at reputable universities or institutions outside Macao as visiting scholars or researchers to enrich their teaching and research experience, broaden their horizons, and enhance their professional knowledge.

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