UKH School of Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences

From its inception, the School of Social Sciences (SSS) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) aimedto produce graduates capable of contributing and leading the development of the Kurdistan Region.

The School is committed to teaching, training and research excellence in the fields of politics and international relations, linguistics, literature, as well as an emphasis on English language acquisition. Home to an international faculty with strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience in their respective fields, our faculty members come from all around the world.

Together, they work to best educate our students in their chosen majors and prepare them to enter the professional world of work or postgraduate education. 

Students of the Politics and International Relations Department have the opportunity to participate in internship programmes in public and private institutions in Kurdistan, and in an exchange programme with SciencesPo University in France. Students may pursue careers in government administration, politics and campaigns, public policy, non-profit organisations, international relations, business, and journalism. Graduates from the English Language Department will display a high level of English proficiency and can pursue promising careers in education, translation, and employment within multinational companies or international organisations 
in Kurdistan or abroad. 

Departments under this school:
Department of Politics and International Relations (PIR) 
English Language Department (ENG)