UKH School of Medicine

School of Medicine 

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr started the process of establishing the School of Medical Sciences in March 2014. The School aspires to pioneer a world standard medical education that deploys cutting-edge technology in teaching and training, develop innovative practices in research, and contributes to the delivery of a high quality healthcare system for the people of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq. It aims to build a profile of excellence in medical education and to promote the practice of evidence-based medicine. UKH’s existing record of excellence in teaching and learning has been further strengthened by an important partnership agreement with several medical schools and universities, both in Austria, the UK and the USA. This is for the purpose of supervising the establishment of internationally accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. 

The School is committed to: 

  • educate and retain world-class medical graduates to cope with the rapid advancements in this field of biomedical sciences
  • develop a platform for an expanded biomedical health and clinical science research programme capable of creating advanced knowledge in medical sciences 
  • improve the health of the people of Kurdistan Region, Iraq by promoting scientific evidence and research-based healthcare practice. 

Departments under this school: