UKH Kurdistan Business School

Kurdistan Business School

At the cross roads of ancient and modern commercial roots, lies Kurdistan Business School (KBS). The school is a centre of excellence for teaching, training and research in the fields of business, economics, management, finance, accounting, banking and entrepreneurship. 

KBS provides rigorous academia combined with forward-looking, practical teaching that enables students to not only learn, but experience their learning. Faculty are both national, as well as international, enabling an amalgamation of business cultures to come together to form a unique KBS culture of teaching and doing business. 

The competencies developed by our students, in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours, provide them with all of the necessary skills to be competitive in the modern and competitive job market, be it for working in private, public, non- governmental and inter-governmental organisations, at national and international levels. KBS offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes for its students, with effective student to professor ratios, and also provides specific and on-demand courses and programmes for public, private, non- governmental and inter-governmental organisations. 

Departments under this school:
Department of Business and Management Sciences (BMS) 
Department of Economics and Finance (EF) 
Barzi Executive Programme (BEP)