The Faculty of Science prides itself in its vibrant, dynamic and diverse scientific community of scholars who are passionate about enhancing the learning experience of students, enhancing
the research profile of the Faculty and enhancing the academic, social and economic impact of the Faculty’s teaching and research programmes.

Innovative education, internationally competitive research, as well as socially aware community development, are integrated into a dynamic synergy. We provide outstanding service to our students with regards to teaching and learning programmes, state-of-the-art facilities, in-service training and an environment that is conducive to life-long learning. Four year programmes are offered as alternative access routes to students who require them.
Academic support and mentorship programmes are also provided to students who need additional guidance and assistance. Our students are in great demand in the business sector and  contributes significantly to the relevant industries.

The Faculty is an active player in a wider network of national and international partnerships and collaborations. Postgraduate associations with the Erasmus Mundus programme of the Netherlands and the University of Western Brittany (UBO) in France, serve as examples. With regard to undergraduate programmes, we are proud that UJ holds accreditation from the BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT, for our BSc degree programmes in Information Technology.

Our partnerships with prestigious institutions are testimony to the high esteem that our staff, students and programmes enjoy in the national and international community. Each year, several
staff members and students receive national and international acclaim for research and other academic achievements on Postgraduate level. The Faculty is particularly proud that it has unique state-of-the-art analytical research facilities, e.g. Spectrum, which house multi-user analytical instrumentation.

It is evident from all of the above that the Faculty of Science is fully committed to realising all of its ideals.