The Faculty of Humanities comprises of fourteen academic departments ranging from modern and ancient languages to the social sciences and psychology. The Faculty offers three
undergraduate degree programmes and one diploma programme, catering for a wide range of study and career opportunities. Moreover, there is ample choice in each programme, to allow students to tailor the contents of their programmes to suit their interests and needs.The modules in each programme are relevant, up to date and of the highest academic standard. Academic departments offer postgraduate programmes up to doctoral level.

Intellectually, the Faculty is vibrant, with a strong research output, numerous public seminars, and a healthy tradition of debate. Students are encouraged to question and explore, and to interrogate knowledge paradigms rather than simply accept them. A principal objective of the Faculty is to produce graduates capable of advanced analytical and critical thinking skills, independent and progressive thinking, allowing them to access and contribute towards all forms of human knowledge, and to make dynamic interventions in their chosen professions. Humanities graduates often achieve public prominence, and contribute towards social good of society.

Disclaimer: Due to limited space, fulfilling all the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee acceptance into a programme.