College of Business and Economics

The University of Johannesburg, College of Business and Economics strategically positions UJ to be at the centre of regeneration in Africa. The College is internationally ranked among the Top 4 providers of Management Education in
Africa. The College is organised into six schools, housing qualifications ranging from undergraduate to Doctoral degrees. These Schools and their specialisations are:

Johannesburg Business School

  • Department of Business Management
  • Department of Finance and Investment Management
  • Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management
  • Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management
  • UJ Centre for Entrepreneurship

School of Accountancy

  • Department of Accountancy
  • Department of Commercial Accountancy

​School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems

  • Department of Applied Information Systems
  • Department of Information and Knowledge Management
  • Department of Marketing Management

School of Economics

  • Department of Economics and Econometrics
  • Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development
  • Centre for Industrial Development
  • Centre for Local Economic Development
  • Public and Environmental Economics Research Centre

School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy

  • Department of Public Management and Governance
  • Centre for Public Management and Governance
  • School of Leadership

School of Tourism and Hospitality 

  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Food and Beverage Operations

The College offers substantial and well-established programmes serving both the private and public sector, contributing to UJ’s vision of promoting Pan-Africanism. 

In order to be considered for selection for a programme, an applicant is required to comply with the programme’s minimum admission criteria based on either the National Senior
Certificate (NSC), the National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV), National Senior Certificate for Adults (NASCA) or Amended Senior Certificate (SC(a)).

Due to ongoing programme reviews and the current HEQSF alignment process there may be changes in diploma and degree programmes in terms of range and mix of qualifications,
curricula and admission requirements.