Testimonials from current staff

Professor John Love, Chair in Synthetic Biology

exeter - john

"Exeter is a vibrant, regional University. Its global outlook and diversity fosters a culture of open-ness, innovation and collaboration with researchers from all backgrounds; in industry, in non-Government organisations and at other universities. Exeter’s entrepreneurial research culture enables me to explore new horizons, establish enduring research partnerships and exploit the latest research technologies. Working in this way I have been able to build a multinational team focused on solving long-term problems in sustainable energy, pollution and health. For example my work with Shell is investigating how to make bacteria produce biofuels which could revolutionise our approach to global fuel challenges."

Professor Philip Ingham, FMedSci FRS, Director of the Living Systems Institute

phil - exeter

“The Institute creates an interdisciplinary environment in which biologists work together with physicists, mathematicians and engineers to uncover the fundamental processes underlying diseases and develop new approaches to their detection, prevention and cure. This innovative approach lends itself to working with business and industry to resolve real world issues. Speaking about his engagement with industry Professor Ingham said “I’ve enjoyed working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, especially helping them to think outside the box by introducing non-conventional model systems, such as fruit flies and zebrafish into their R&D programmes."

Professor Debra Myhill, Professor of Education

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“Working with community and business partners lends new perspectives to my research into education and is supported at a strategic level by the University. Collaborating with external partners like Pearson provides exciting avenues for generating impact – we are currently working together evaluating how BTEC qualifications prepare students for higher education.”

Professor Andrew Randall, Professor in Applied Neurophysiology

andrew - exeter

“To aid early diagnosis of dementia and the quest for better treatments, we must urgently find out more about how damage occurs in specific brain circuits in these conditions.

Since coming to Exeter we have gained support to do work of this nature from a spectrum of partners. These include public sector funders such as the Medical Research Council and Royal Society and major UK research charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Wellcome trust. We also have formed valuable co-funded collaborative relationships with a number of companies in pharmaceutical R&D.”

Professor Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy

catherine - exeter

Working with industry and Government actors is fundamental to my research on energy policy. External partners are an integral part of the University of Exeter Energy Policy Group which brings together policy makers, industry leaders and academics to find new and innovative approaches for enabling the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and affordable energy system. Our connections with external partners enhances our credibility and relevance for GB energy policy-making and wider international contacts.

Professor Isabelle Baraffe, Professor of Astrophysics

isabella - exeter

“I work in close partnership with the UK Met Office to study the atmosphere of planets outside our solar system known as extra-solar planets. 

This collaboration has combined the expertise of both organisations to create new state of the art atmosphere models which are used for the interpretation of observations of extra solar planets. Working together we have adapted UK Met Office software which is used to predict Earth’s weather and climate to study gas giant and terrestrial planets.

Having a strong partnership with the world’s leading climate science research centre enables the University of Exeter to be at the forefront of an exciting, emerging field, with direct impact on the understanding of planetary climates, including our own.”