As the first modern university in China, Tianjin University (TJU) was founded in 1895 with Peiyang University being its predecessor.

As the first modern university in China, Tianjin University (TJU) was founded in 1895 with Peiyang University being its predecessor. It has been recognized nationwide and overseas for its motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”, its ethos of “Precision in Learning and Strictness in Teaching” and its tradition of “Patriotic Dedication”. Supported by Chinese Ministry of Education, it is also one of the higher learning institutions to be included into the "985", "211" and "2011" Projects in the first batch. In 2017, Tianjin University was listed in the country’s “Double First-Class” university project.

Having put forward its principles characterized as strengthening Engineering, consolidating Science, revitalizing Liberal Arts, and flourishing Medical Science, Tianjin University has been adhering to the purpose of targeting at the major strategic demands and the top-notch scientific and technological development globally, as well as anchoring in the major area as to the national economy, which has been supported by top quality talents fostering based on the high-level scientific and technological research. Thus, it has formed a discipline layout featured by a harmonized multidisciplinary development covering such disciplines as economy, management, literature, jurisdiction, medicine, education, art and philosophy, with Engineering discipline being oriented. Established on talents training, discipline development and scientific research as a whole, TJU puts its emphasis on the reform and innovation of institutional mechanisms by bringing together all kinds of innovative elements inside and outside of the campus, integrates all kinds of innovative elements both inside and outside the university, continuously improves the standard of university management and the quality of talent training,strenuously combines research and teaching together, and also promotes industry development with research outputs and serves the country development for innovation as well.

In line with the in-depth reforming of the personnel system, TJU has been furthering the comprehensive innovation following the inception of Peiyang campus, and putting much effort on the layout of the discipline development. To push forward the reform on faculty promotional mechanism, firstly, TJU has established the “Peiyang Faculty Career Development System” in TJU; secondly, it has improved the tenure system characterized by TJU; thirdly, it has implemented the classified management of faculty team, and fourthly, it has established the assistant professors program, etc., thus building institutional mechanisms which is adaptable to the personnel management of modern university system. As a result, TJU has been promoting the talents team building at each level, and fostering the circumstance in which the people nearby would feel delighted and the people afar would desire to join and the talents would feel convenient to innovate and create.

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