The University’s vision for 2016–2025 to be Asia’s Global University is underpinned by three pillars: (i) teaching and learning, (ii) research and innovation and (iii) knowledge exchange and impact. The realisation of this vision is based on (3+1)Is: Internationalisation, Innovation and Interdisciplinary, which converge to create collective Impact.

Minisite - University of Hong Kong
HKU intends to be a world-class university with frontier research in critical areas through knowledge creation, translation, realisation and impact. HKU’s research policy is formulated to strengthen its capabilities in both fundamental and outcome-driven research and knowledge exchange within a culture that enables our researchers to flourish and innovate.

HKU’s research strategies and policies are managed by the University Research Committee (URC), a committee of the Senate chaired by the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research). In line with the University’s vision for the coming decade, the URC has sharpened its strategies to further cultivate a supportive and dynamic environment in which staff and students can excel in research at an international level and realise their full potential in advancing and translating knowledge as well as technology transfer and enterprise development. The University aims to

  • Focus on research quality and impact, and the translational potential and value to industry, business and the community,
  • Raise competitiveness towards external funding and strategic partnership,
  • Foster outcome-based, cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration,
  • Promote social and technological innovation, entrepreneurial incubation and public-private partnership, and drive innovation and entrepreneurship through research and talent development,
  • Foster international and mainland China research collaboration, and
  • Build core capabilities for sustainable growth.

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