Global Engagement

Our Vision

The continuing globalization of higher education is inevitable in an ever-interconnected and interdependent mobile world. HKU is strategically situated in China with qualities and attributes required by the international academic community. The dynamic HKU campus is a fertile ground to foster future leaders with global acumen while committed to upholding the plurality of the Hong Kong society and its distinctiveness. Not only are we providing opportunities for our students and staff in Hong Kong, we are preparing them to apply their talents and to be successful anywhere. 

As articulated in the document "Asia's Global University, HKU: the next decade, our vision for 2016 -2025" viz. "3+1 Is": Internationalisation, Innovation, and Interdisciplinarity converging to create Impact, "Internationalisation" is not an end in itself but a path to augment University's core mission. To do so, we will synergise our rich Mainland and international strengths, experiences, and networks to augment opportunities for everyone in teaching & learning, research, and knowledge exchange. We are committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and dispersing the benefit of internationalisation locally and globally.

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