University as an Employer

Varied and highly innovative research and work areas are of interest for different professions. TU Dresden offers its academic and non-academic staff numerous development and career options. TU Dresden relies on its highly qualified staff in order to manage everyday challenges. To this end, TU Dresden provides its staff with a comprehensive further education programme.

Equal Opportunities

TU Dresden is a meeting point for a diversity of people – students as well as staff. Age, gender, family situation, social background, health status and migration background all constitute the heterogeneity of everyday university life. This poses a challenge to us all yet at the same time, diversity is an invaluable enrichment, bearing immense potential.

People with disabilities and special abilities - “Use opportunities – develop potentials”

TU Dresden grows through the diversity of all its members and is committed to the concept of inclusion. The aim is to take into account the equal participation of people with disabilities in all areas within the university and to contribute to the development of an inclusive university. TU Dresden’s integration agreement is one of the most modern among German universities.

Promoting equality of opportunities between women and men

TU Dresden is committed to the goal of a gender-equal university. This is anchored in its mission statement and basic guidelines. The equality concept of TU Dresden is a fundamental strategic document with regards to the changes in structures and processes, intended to resolutely pursue the equality of women and men. For every university gender equality policy is a core task and a big challenge at the same time.