Taipei Medical University (TMU) has been a leader in Taiwan’s healthcare system for more than half a century


Established in 1960, Taipei Medical University (TMU) has developed into a full - edged university with 11 colleges, a general education center, 6,000 students, and more than 49,000 alumni at home and abroad. Besides, TMU boasts six affiliated hospitals—TMU Hospital, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Neuroscience Institute, Hsin Kuo Min Hospital— equipped with about 3,000 beds and operated by over 9,000 faculty and staff members.

TMU is established to be an institute of research with focus on both medical education and clinical practice. Upholding TMU’s core values “Humanity, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Service, ” we develop an integrated curriculum of teaching, research, industrial collaboration, and medical care, striving to train students with biomedical insights, humanitarian concerns, innovation capacity, and global vision. To achieve this educational goal, we have integrated resources within the university and hospitals while marching toward the status of a world-class university.

In terms of education, the College of Interdisciplinary Studies was set up in 2018 with three subdivisions: An Interdisciplinary Learning Center, an Innovation Entrepreneurship Education Center, and a Digital Initiative Center. This college serves as a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivates biomedical talents with interdisciplinary and comprehensive training. In research, our emphasis is increasingly put on expertise in cancer translational medicine, neuromedicine, thoracic medicine, AI in medicine, cell therapy & regeneration medicine, and medical devices development. With research strengths and results being recognized by the government and funding agencies, we have already secured several major research grants in these areas. As for industrial cooperation, TMU has helped incubate 22 startups, and raised an Entrepreneurship Fund that offers support to accelerate the commercialization of research findings along with the establishment of TMU Biomed Accelerator. Finally, the imminent launch of TMU Biotech Park in Shuang Ho Campus has completed the ecosystem for TMU’s innovative entrepreneurship.

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In the years ahead, TMU will strive to become the workplace where faculty and staff enjoy working with a sense of accomplishment, the school where students pursue their dreams in a lively and liberal environment, and the alma mater for our alumni to take pride in feedback. Together, we will visualize the blueprint of a new TMU with “joy, hope, and happiness” in the upcoming decade.

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