PNU Strategic Goals

The PNU 10-year strategic plan consists of the following seven goals:


First Strategic Goal: Academic Programs

     Provision of quality academic curricula that prepare students for success and enable them to excel in business with the proper professional ethics.


Second Strategic Goal: PNU Alumni

     Provide PNU students with the skills that enable them to achieve success in both life and work, through the provision of an innovative academic environment that focuses on the students.

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Third Strategic Goal: Research and Partnerships

     Acquiring and applying knowledge through international communications and incorporating this knowledge into academic curricula.


Fourth Strategic Goal: Societal Partnership

     Serving women and family-related causes, and integrating community service into PNU programs.


Fifth Strategic Goal: Skills and Talents

     Strengthen capabilities and improve the quality of PNU human resources working in the fields of education, research, and management, through the provision of relevant programs.

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Sixth Strategic Goal: Systems and Processes

     Establishing the processes and systems necessary for achieving effective performance in PNU.


Seventh Strategic Goal: Financing

     ‚ÄčThe diversification of sources of finance in PNU to achieve financial autonomy and sustainability.

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