College of Social Services

   The College of Social Services was established in 1394 AH under the name “Higher Institute for Social Services for Girls” in Riyadh, by virtue of Ministerial Decree number (1993 CE), issued on 4/12/1394 AH. The institute was affiliated to the General Presidency for the Education of Girls. 


     The institute was inaugurated at the beginning of the academic year 1395/1396, receiving 41 students, with 43 enrolled students. The first batch of students graduated at the end of the academic year 1398/1399 AH. At that time, the faculty had 30 faculty members with contracts. 


     In 1411/1412 AH, the name of the institute was changed to become the College of Social Services, by virtue of Ministerial Decree number 143. 


     ​In 1425 AH, the college was annexed to the Ministry of Higher Education, then to PNU (previously the University of Riyadh), by virtue of the royal direction number 3139/mb on 18/4/1427 AH. The number of faculty members increased to become 69 Saudi faculty members, 8 members with contracts, and 78 administrative employees. The number of students enrolled for the academic year 1432/1433 AH reached 1274.