College Of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

 In the beginning, I would like to welcome you all to the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences website. Through the website, we aim to provide all students, faculty and administrative members, and visitors a full introduction to the college, its departments, activities, and achievements. 

     The college is the most recent PNU College as it was established only four years ago. Until very recently, it was known as the College of Physiotherapy, offering only one academic program that offered students the degree of Doctor of Physiotherapy. 

     In keeping abreast with international advancements in the field of health education, and providing health sectors with specialized and highly qualified cadres, 15 programs under four academic tracks were added, all offering a Bachelor degree. 


These tracks are: 

- Rehabilitation Sciences, which includes Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Respiratory Therapy, and Prosthetics and Orthotics.

- Health Sciences, which includes Health Education and Awareness, Health Information Management, General and Clinical Nutrition, and Epidemiology.

- Biomedical Technology, which includes Anesthesia Technology, Cardio-technology, and Nerve Function Technology.

- Communication Sciences, which includes Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology, Ortho​ptics, and Optometry.

To achieve excellence in these programs, we are cooperating with leading international universities in the preparation of academic plans. In addition, several cooperative agreements have been established with a number of Saudi hospitals to train students. ​

     Although only recently established, the college has attracted a number of academically and professionally distinctive faculty members. The college has also been equipped with state-of-the-art devices and tools that contribute to the academic process. The college library has also been stocked with the latest printed/visual references.

Driving the college is a distinctive administrative staff. They have effectively contributed to the advancement and distinction of the college in a short period of time. I firmly believe that all these pillars will contribute to achieving the main objective of the college, which is the development of a cooperative and collaborative community that strives to form constructive relationships with external communities and develop young minds and capacities able to develop, innovate, face change, and positively adapt to it. 

     ​Finally, the college is looking forward to a promising future and keeping abreast with advancements in the areas of specialization offered. We therefore welcome all suggestions and recommendations that can contribute to the development of the college.