College of Education

The College of Education seeks to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of scientific research in the area of community services, based on the principles of Islam, the generous support of our government, the continuous follow-up of Her Excellency the Rector, and the effective contribution of all members of the academic and administrative bodies.

The College of Education includes four academic departments that grant Bachelor degrees:

        (Curricula and Teaching Methods, Psychology, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education). 

The college encompasses three supporting academic departments:

(Fundamentals of Education, Academic Management and Planning, and Educational Techniques). 

       The college also has a selection of outstanding faculty members and a group of highly experienced administrative members.

       The College of Education actively works with its academic departments to develop their academic programs; to keep abreast with scientific and academic developments, and meet the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market. It also works to build bridges of cooperation with all academic institutions.

       The College of Education ensures the provision of support and assistance to all students, through the establishment of units for academic guidance and research assistance, as well as the provision of a range of cultural and social activities that contribute to the development of students’ personalities through the knowledge and technical skills necessary for future leadership.

       Believing in its importance, continuous communication with students is maintained, whether directly or through social media channels. The email has been set up to help students and answer their inquiries, in addition to the Twitter account of the college (EDU_PNU).

       ​The College of Education realizes that it contributes to the development of generations. Working within the framework of its strategic plan, the college hopes to further develop the present and help shape the future.