College of Dentistry

 It is an honor for me to be the founder and first Dean for the PNU College of Dentistry, established by virtue of royal approval in 1433 AH.

     PNU, represented by the Vice Rector of Health Affairs, has high ambitions to improve the colleges of medicine, dentistry, and the university hospital and turn them into models of partnership, communication, and cooperation in the healthcare sector.

     ​Being the most recent College of Dentistry in Saudi Arabia and the first and only college for female students in the largest, female university in the world, we have high aspirations to become leaders in the field of dentistry, striving to highlight the role of women in dentistry in Saudi Arabia. Despite its novelty, the college started to immediately establish international cooperation with leading educational institutions around the world. 


     The vision of the College of Dentistry is represented in the "leadership of women in the field of dentistry”. We are striving to change and develop methods of combating tooth decay in our society. 48.6% of the Saudi population is in the age group of 25 years or less, the birth rate is 1.5% per year. Our goal is to focus on the curative and preventive needs of women and children to help our society to completely eradicate tooth decay. Women constitute half of the society, and they raise the other half. Educating women on prevention methods and dental care serves as comprehensive awareness to the community as a whole.


     The field of dentistry is developing rapidly. We have to support and help our students seek modern information and techniques, and continuous education. The College of Dentistry has many learning tools that help students acquire new knowledge and continuous methods of learning. 


     The college has also adopted state-of-the-art technology in teaching students and treating patients. When the College was first opened, students were provided with iPads and the necessary digital technology to attain the required learning resources, with more to come in the future. 

I am proud to lead the first College of Dentistry for female students. As we are in the founding stage, I urge everyone with the same vision to communicate with us and visit us online or in person.