College of Business Administration

The PNU College of Business Administration was established in 1428 AH. It opened its doors in 1428/1429 AH to 200 students.

The college comprises a number of departments: 

- Business Administration

- Economics

- Accounting

- Laws


In 1434 AH, the college began cooperating with Dublin City University, Ireland, to start two undergraduate programs: 

- Marketing Technology and Innovation

- International Finance

The Master of Science in Business will start in the academic year 1436/1437 AH.

The college strives to have a prominent role in the shift toward the economy of knowledge in compliance to the national vision. It also aspires to raise the level of its programs and plans and adapt them to the latest international advances. As students are the focus of the educational process, the college is greatly concerned with raising the standard of the graduate specifications as to skills, knowledge, and intellect, and moving toward innovation and creativity, financially, economically, administratively, and professionally. 

The college is wealthy with its human capital of faculty members and administrative members who work hand-in-hand to drive the college forward, enabling it to achieve its vision, mission, and objectives.