Working @ JGU

At JGU, we believe in the principles of academic freedom and pursuit of institutional excellence. JGU strives to promote academic freedom within the University since its inception. Our institutional strategy and policies have enabled JGU's students, faculty and researchers to conduct research that is interdisciplinary, wide-ranging in scope, impactful, and covering myriad issues.

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JGU promotes the spirit of open, unhindered and unconstrained spaces for research and debate by establishing a tradition of hosting scholars, practitioners, activists, artists, and policy makers from a range of fields, on the University campus, bringing together varied and independent voices on issues of national and global concern.

JGU maintains a healthy faculty-student ratio of 1:13 in order to create an enabling classroom experience and consolidated learning outcomes.

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At a time when gender diversity is a serious issue affecting institutions in India, JGU is committed to promote the role of women in faculty and leadership positions and it is reflected in the fact that over 40 percent of full-time faculty members are women, nearly 39 percent of women faculty members hold leadership positions across our schools, and nearly 42 percent of our students are women.

Our effort is to create a truly global institution and it is also reflected in the diverse academic and personal backgrounds that our faculty members come from. We welcome new faculty members to JGU every year, and we are proud that we have more than 70 percent of faculty members holding international qualifications from the leading universities of the world. Nearly 17 percent of our full-time faculty members come from 26 different countries/regions around the world.

Human Resource Services at JGU consist of collaborative team of professionals dedicated to provide high quality services to the faculty members and staff. JGU HR also looks for new and innovative ways to improve its service delivery and sustain the diverse community of talents.

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