When NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed its inaugural class in 2010, it was with the vision of establishing a diverse and vital centre of distinctive education and scholarship, actively embedded in NYU’s global network, and recognized as the model for a new paradigm in higher education: the university as an engine of a more peaceful, cooperative, and productive world.

A decade later, with nearly 1,500 undergraduate students from more than 115 nations, almost 80 Global PhD students in the sciences and engineering, who are closely connected to graduate programs in New York, and more than 300 standing, affiliated, and visiting faculty, that vision has become a reality.

NYU Abu Dhabi is an institution in and of Abu Dhabi, in and of New York University, and in and of the world. It offers the best of the American liberal arts and sciences with the intercultural perspective required for shared understanding and common purpose in our world.

NYU Abu Dhabi research deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves, generates important new knowledge about local history and culture, and facilitates breakthrough discoveries in science and technology.

Its students are drawn from the world’s best. They are bright, intellectually passionate, and committed to building a campus environment anchored in mutual respect, understanding, and care. They are resolved to place their talents at the service of the needs and aspirations of their communities and humanity at large.

NYU Abu Dhabi faculty are leading researchers, scholars, writers, and artists, within and beyond their disciplines. They are dedicated teachers, committed to supporting and challenging their students and engaging them in ground-breaking research.

The undergraduate curriculum builds from a cross disciplinary core, through 24 rigorous majors, toward a full-year independent Capstone project. Learning, research, and community engagement extend well beyond the classroom into the residences and dining halls, the city of Abu Dhabi and the Emirates, and around the world in NYU’s global sites on six continents.

The NYU Abu Dhabi community is animated by inspiring faculty, students, and staff, working together in a dynamic city at a crossroads of the world. At its heart, NYU Abu Dhabi offers a profound sense of the joy, possibility, and value of education while effectively preparing its students for leadership in a complex world.


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